Our Model for Success

You wouldn’t be reading this if you settled for anything less than excellence.

Our approach to ensuring you receive the highest quality services and customer experience involves embracing the following “Six Factors that Drive Success.”

Six Factors that Drive Success


Safety is our number one Priority!

Safe habits and behaviors create safe people.

Erwin Carter

Our first obligation in our commitment to our people is to keep them safe, not just while at work. Our interactive and innovative safety program lives and breathes within our associates across all accounts. We center safety in the training and scheduling of our associates. This ensures the conditions we create in cleaning and maintaining your facility never place associates in unsafe conditions.

To create a safe work environment, our “12 STEPS to ZERO Accidents” Safety Program focuses on goal setting, attitude, leadership, and awareness of associates.

Fewer accidents = Less Downtime

Since the program’s development and implementation in 2011, our injury rate has plummeted. Our unique program has garnered us recognition as industry leaders. All associates are trained on OSHA-required general safety issues and have necessary equipment operator certifications.

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Responsive Communication Through One Point of Contact.

Seamless and transparent transition planning and implementation

We have integrated various communication software to ensure we deliver what you need. If an issue arises unexpectedly, these tools allow us to respond promptly and advise you when they are resolved. We encourage unfiltered feedback through open communication and scheduled reviews.

Communication is made easy by having a dedicated onsite account leader at each site location. You always know who to talk to and how to get a hold of them when you only have one point of contact to answer all your questions.


Dedicated Onsite Account Leaders Inspire Excellence.

Nationwide presence with local expertise in your area.

We are aware of a gap that can exist between “what we know” (training) and “what we do” (performance), and our management approach is designed to close that gap by making our people feel good about what they do and enjoy doing it.

Performance starts with selecting and training effective onsite account leaders. Our account leaders have divisional, regional, and corporate support and receive extensive leadership training. Their day-to-day leadership creates a culture of collaboration and engagement that encourages the best from all our associates.

Look at how our associates go above, and beyond to get the job done.


An Engineered Approach to Quality Assurance.

Best-in-class engineering and operations team will keep your facility and the equipment up and running.

We’re one of a few building service contractors to employ a team of industrial engineers to support our sales team in ensuring the accuracy of quotes and ongoing support to our operations team. 

Using over 75 years of combined experience, our team of industrial engineers creates comprehensive and detailed implementation plans that are centered on your specifications and frequencies.

We use state-of-the-art software to determine the safest, most efficient, and most effective way to meet your needs.

Feel confident knowing we considered the necessary combination of people, equipment, supplies, and consumables required to meet your needs while maximizing the value of your janitorial dollar.

Our P3 Quality Program is designed to help build and preserve customer relationships through accountability. P3 stands for the Pride, Passion, and Performance of our people.The program consists of three main components; quality inspections, managerial review, and customer engagement.


Working Together to Achieve Common Goals.

We can meet your needs efficiently and effectively.

We are committed to working with you to achieve common goals and do what’s necessary to achieve them, even if that occasionally falls outside the details of the contract.

Companies may feel they are paying for a duplication of services when they use an MBE that is affiliated with other specialized organizations. This is not the case.

Instead, we can provide an array of services to you by leveraging the resources of our partner companies. Learn more about our security and staffing partners.

A Partnership that Provides Innovative and Creative Solutions.

We’ve developed relationships with several leading equipment manufacturers in the industry, allowing us to use the “Best of the Best” approach — choosing the best equipment from the best manufacturers.

Our “Best of the Best” approach also applies to cleaning reserves and consumable purchases made through the National Service Alliance (NSA). Newbold Services is a founding member of the NSA, which negotiates with best-in-class national suppliers to secure value savings programs on industry products, services, and technology.

Our supplier relationship also provided us with leading-edge products that are safer for the environment. Our interest in providing sustainable cleaning solutions and reducing environmental impact has garnered us the CIMS-Green Building (CB) Certification with Honors for going above and beyond industry standards.


Building trust through verifiable action plans & accountability.

Dedicated to providing excellent customer service.

Our company culture is centered on values that drive us to deliver exactly what we promise and to build a level of trust that offers the “peace of mind” that comes from knowing that we did what we said we would.

We’re happy to discuss your specific janitorial, staffing, and security needs.