Many organizations today depict their management structure in the traditional wiring diagram that would reveal more of a “top-down” approach in support of customer operations.

We look at that very differently.

We know that our success depends on the success of the account leadership located at each customer facility that we serve. Like the soldier on the battlefield, our management structure is created to support the efforts of those who operate in the “trenches” each and every day, working hard to deliver the results that we promised.

Our “Bottom Up” Approach provides the strong roots and solid foundation to leverage the wealth of experience of our leadership team in support of our customer operations.

Newbold Services Leadership

Erwin Carter


Growing up in Aiken, South Carolina, Erwin was afforded a unique opportunity to be exposed to a diverse culture and environment at a very early age. As the son of hardworking parents who was living in the midst of the Civil Rights movement in the Deep South, they raised their children with character and optimism and instilled in them the belief that you could accomplish anything that you strived to do, whether that was in furthering your education, participating in athletics, giving through community service or pursuing a career.

Erwin explored many college opportunities and eventually chose Davidson College because of its deep commitment to a strict honor code and the value they placed on individual development related to becoming a “servant leader.” Erwin received his Bachelor of Science in Economics and joined the banking industry during a dynamic period where consolidation was underway, and specific specialties were being created.

During his years in the banking and financial services industry, Erwin held various leadership positions within international trade finance, corporate banking, private banking, and treasury management. His exposure to global cultures offered many opportunities to leverage diversity positively and work on solutions that brought the power of diversity to achieve increased success levels.

In 2006, Erwin took his belief in diversity and sought to develop a company that reflected the power that diversity could bring to an enterprise and leverage that power by providing an environment that could have a positive impact on all the individuals within that company. We know that company today as Newbold Services.

Erwin’s focused and inclusive leadership style has made Newbold Services a valued “Supplier Diversity Partner.” A continuous flow of opportunities has been provided to all Newbold associates to rise beyond their expectations and obtain the leadership and management skills that would make them a valued member of any organization.

Erwin serves as a member of the Board of Directors of Newbold Services in Greenville, SC, and the Greenville Chamber of Commerce. He also serves as the Chair of the Advisory Council of the Greenville Chamber of Commerce Minority Business Accelerator (MBA) Initiative. He is a member of the Board of Trustees of Davidson College in Davidson, NC.

Paul Jameson


Paul received his B.S. in Business from the Citadel and began his professional career in the Process and Chemical Division of Fluor, one of the world’s largest engineering construction companies.

He joined Newbold Services in 2006 as the Vice President of Operations and has successfully developed and aligned a management and support structure that ensures that our site managers at every individual account have been given the training, guidance, technology, materials and equipment to deliver the quality and performance that we promise. Paul has directed the development of our “12 Steps to Zero” safety program, our Account Manager Training and Orientation program, been instrumental in organizing our annual Account Manager meetings where he brings all operational management together to further develop individual leadership skills, identify, discuss and resolve issues that affect the customer experience and share “Best Practices” as they apply across a very diverse customer base.

Paul is an active member of the BSCAI (Building Services Contractor Association International) and has also achieved the designation of CBSE (Certified Building Services Executive) which is the highest certification in the industry.

Matt Nesbett


Matt received his B.S. Degree in Accounting from Heidelberg University in Tiffin, Ohio, and began his professional career serving in the manufacturing and textile industries where he held a variety of leadership positions to include Division Controller, Director of Finance, Global Finance Manager and International Business Controller.

After joining Newbold Services in 2008 as Vice President and Controller, Matt began to update all back-office accounting systems, implemented the current ERP system that enabled financial reporting and analysis down to the individual customer account level and integrated the electronic timekeeping system directly into payroll processing which created an almost paperless environment.

Since assuming the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) position in February of 2015, Matt has been instrumental in the implementation of an Applicant Tracking System that will provide all levels of management with a streamlined cloud-based HR and Payroll system.

Matt holds a license in South Carolina as a Certified Public Accountant, is an active member of the South Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants and holds positions on several committees that promote “Best Practices” throughout the state.