Health and Safety

Our associates have made their commitment to a Zero Accident Rate... Safety success through our "12 Steps to Zero Accidents" Safety Program".

We have had a 68% drop in accident rates since 2011Developed exclusively by and for Newbold Services, our interactive and innovative safety program lives and breathes within all of our associates across all of our accounts. Check out to see this program in action!

We understand that developing, recognizing, and rewarding our people encourages them towards high levels of performance, and brings us closer to our goal of retaining 100% of our customers for life.

How We Know It Works

Most importantly, our accounts are achieving zero accidents! At the end of 2011, we had reduced our accident rate by 42%. At the end of 2012, we continued to reduce our rate of accidents by another 28%. That means 207 of our then 256 accounts achieved ZERO accidents!

Our Customers Recognize Our Safe Behavior

Our award-winning newsletter is a great communication tool for our associates as we celebrate our successes. It provides a forum for new Zero Zone initiatives and showcases personal messages and photos of recognition from appreciative customers regarding specific safety accomplishments by Newbold Services at their location.

Our Managers Go "Above and Beyond" With Safety

Soon after the implementation of the "12 Steps" program, it was apparent that many of our account managers not only embraced the program, but took hold of it, made it their own, and excelled above and beyond the basic structure of the program. It was critical that these managers were recognized for their leadership in safety, so the "Above and Beyond" Safety Award was developed. Through a nomination and selection process, we share their above and beyond actions and ideas. This sharing process motivates other – account managers and associates alike – to again embrace this program and make it their own.

Our Safety Website Gets Many Hits

Zero the Hero, 12 Steps to Zero AccidentsOur website,, hosts all of our safety program elements, all program material, and photos of our associates' safety successes as they participate in and have fun with Zero the Hero. The site also acts as a portal where our managers order additional materials, as well as submit ideas for new items. Our Zero Zone is a collaboration of ideas and suggestions from all associates.

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