Success Stories

Success Story: US1

To All The Newbold Staff At US1,

I wanted to let you know how our off-site meeting went yesterday with results for the plant visit on Wednesday. We received very high marks for Housekeeping for the first time in many years.

Our plant manager is very aware of the amount of effort that has been put forth by Newbold to achieve these results. Your account manager and his staff have worked very hard and I personally want to recognize him for the professional manner in which he and his staff have responded to our repeated requests for improvements.

We have come a very long way. Our plant manager was not only impressed with the Tour Route, but mentioned how much the overall cleanliness of our plant has improved and reinforced his commitment for moving forward with Process Cleaning as well. We have schedule another event for next week on chain one and one for July 5th on Mac 5. Please share this with your superiors and teams for a job well done.

Also I must thank all of your staff for achieving this without a single injury since the minor incident on your first day. I truly believe you are on your way to reaching the very high expectations that we are looking for and I am looking forward to working with all of you to reach this goal.


US1 Contract Services Manager

Success Story: "Thank You For Having Such Upstanding Employees"

To Aaron (Massey),

I wanted to take the time to commend you and your team on the overall appearance of our shop floors here in PPVS. Over the past few weeks, I've noticed a step appearance where the cleanliness of the floor is representative of where we want to take the business. As we strive to be a "dust free" working environment, the floors are the first thing that visitors notice whem entering our department. Due to the cleanliness that you and your team have kept the floors, the first impression of our visitors is that we are clean and are managing the things that are important to our employees' safety and productivity. When conducting our daily audits, we had gotten to the point where we were tired of complaining about how bad the floors were looking. However, that is not the case anymore. Due to your efforts, our housekeeping standards are now consistently being met. You and your team have done a great job. Keep up the good work.

P&G Duracell Lancaster

After working for some time with Aaron Massey, I have observed him in his everyday work environment projecting a good working relationship with others, a close relationship with each of his employees and with the Duracell associates and management team. He has a very good attitude towards his superiors when asked to complete a project. He needs little to no direction in job tasks that he is asked to perform. When asked to complete a task he assembles a team immediately and oversees the task from beginning to end.

Aaron has been a joy to work with and I personally look forward to working with him again in the future. Thank you, Newbold, for having such upstanding employees.

P&G Duracell Lancaster

I am taking a few minutes to write you this letter on behalf of the job Aaron Massey and his crews are doing with the housekeeping in our Hata area. Since Aaron's crews have taken over this duty, I've seen a positive step change in the way our area (floors, aisles, and between our equipment) has been maintained. Aaron and his entire crew should be commended for their attention to details, which has allowed us in Hata to sustain the level of cleanliness that is a must for our journey to remain respirator free.


Success Story: "We Appreciate Your Work!"

Susan Sullivan, thank you so much for your excellent job cleaning. You do such a good job and you are always so pleasant and cheerful. We appreciate your work!

Rehab Manager Homehealth, GHS Admin Building

Success Story: Michelin US5

Last week we had one of the most iimportant visits ever at US5 by senior Michelin VIPs. One of the three managing partners of groupe Michelin was here for the day and toured the plant. The plant looked fabulous. As always, Newbold keeps the plant at a world-class appearance level, but the extra effort that they put into the visit in the week before just made it that much better. I want to thank you for assigning someone of this caliber to manage the building cleaning services here at US5.

Tech Services Manager

Success Story: Michelin PRIME

We here at PRIME would like to thank you for your hard work and commitment to doing a great job. Your job performance and attention to detail has certainly had a positive impact on the Michelin Preventative Maintenance Team. Thank you for being professional in your job performance and going beyond your appointed responsibilities to point out issues that could sometimes be overlooked or forgotten. On more than one occasion, you have found and reported mechanical issues to the PM time and they have reported that you have a sharp eye for things that are out of the ordinary. We appreciate everything.

Contract Service Manager and Prep Mech./Technician

Success Story: Michelin US7

I would like to thank you for the assistance provided by Susan Dunmire, Sidney Johnson and Nelson Rivera during BIB Standard event. As always, they were all very helpful and their support allowed us to complete a very successful event.

MDP Coordinator US7/Regional BIB Standard Tutor

Success Story: Michelin LPG

Just wanted to pass along a note on John, Laura, and Booker's behalf. John and Laura do a great job for us each week. They really have to put up with a lot with our changing schedules at LPG and they handle it very well. The buildings always look good for our guests and employees and John and Laura are always upbeat and have a great attitude. John and Booker came in over the weekend and polished the floors and they looked great. I hated to have to walk on them... very shiny. They all do a great job for us!

Site Facilitator